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They say membership has its privileges. It does at Team Utopia. Not only do we enjoy ourselves at races, we also train together (optional, of course) and develop a camaraderie that extends far beyond the trails, roads, and track.

So, join our team and help us grow! Team Utopia is a competitive club that is open to all interested individuals of any ability. Benefits may change during the year depending on sponsorship, numbers, etc.

We train together (not a requirement to be a member) several times a week and represent Team Utopia at local and out of area team competitions. We also volunteer at several local races. For details on membership, contact coach Jim Bowles( . We encourage all Team Utopia members to join USA Track and Field as well ( Contact Coach for more information.
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Click here to register for USATF

Click to check if you've paid your 2016 USATF dues (USATF# Lookup)

E-Mail us your USATF number. We need it for team scoring events.

Click here to register for the HMRRC

***Remember! When you're renewing your USATF membership, or signing up for the first time, make sure that "Team Utopia" is your club affiliation. Our club number is # 262 ***

Membership to USATF and the HMRRC is NOT required of Team Utopia. However, we do encourage it so that our club members can participate in both the USATF Adirondack and HMRRC Grand Prix.
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2016 Team Utopia Members
Last Updated May 22nd, 2016

Previous years' rosters: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2014 2015
* = 1st Year Member

Joanne Barlow
Paul Bohl
Jim Bowles
Allison Bradley
Frank Broderick
Susan Burns
Joan Celentano
Donna Choiniere
Dave Cole
Mary Collins-Finn
Ed Conway
Dallas Devries
Gail Doering
Karen Dott
William Drapeau
Peggy Egan
Sharon Fellner
Dan Finn
Paul Forbes
Denise Gonder
Lois Green
Sean Hannon
Keith Haugen
Ben Heller
Carol Hill
Jennifer Kehn
Stacey Kelley
Richard Kelly
Frank Klose
Chris Kurkjian*
Russell Lauer
Kim Law
Kirsten LeBlanc
Jenny Lee
Barbara Light
Judy Lynch
Samantha McBee
Regina McGarvey
Jill Mehan
Kim Miseno-Bowles
Gerri Moore
Jim Moore
Brian Murray
Colleen Murray
Jessica Northan
Brian Northan
Mike O'Toole*
Dana Peterson
Ginny Pezzula
Juergen Reher
Jennifer Richardson*
Jon Rocco
Hector Roig
David Rowell
Win Shelley
Steven Silverberg
Cathy Sliwinski
Connie Smith
Todd Smith*
Barbara Sorrell
Lourdes Soto
Andrew Sponable
Lara Stelmaszyk
Anny Stockman
Wade Stockman
Ginny Sweeney
Steven Sweeney
Nancy Taormina
Chuck Terry
James Thomas
Penny Tisko
Kathy VanValen
Christine Varley
Vincent Wenger
Brian Yates